Division. Disconnection. Disharmony.

We need another way.

October 10 - November 14, 2023

Walk with Jesus through stories and scripture, in movement and prayer, as we seek God's good road, the way of harmony. Along the journey, indigenous followers of Jesus from across North America and Hawaii (Turtle Island and Pasifika) will teach us about God's way of harmony and shalom by sharing stories and wisdom from their communities. 

As you register for this digital pilgrimage, we encourage you to invite a friend or local community to join you in this experience.

Groups: If you are registering as part of a group, each member will register individually and provide the name of the group, group leader, and contact information.

For more information: https://intervarsity.org/via-divina/harmony-way

Discount codes for groups and financial need are listed at the end of the registration form.

Important Events

October 10Orientation

8am Hawaii / 11am Pacific / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern.
An intro to the history, themes, & spiritual practices that will guide our journey.

Weekly Webinars

During our journey together, we'll host live webinars illuminating the themes of the walks.

November 14Celebration

8am Hawaii / 11am Pacific / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern. Gather to celebrate our journey and discern your next steps.


InterVarsity Study Abroad, Faculty Ministry, Native Ministries, and Spiritual Formation have dedicated nine months to the creation, production, and distribution of this spiritual formation experience. We ask you to pay what you are able to help offset the costs associated with producing such a resource.

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The Via Divina experience is greatly enhanced by participating in a Story Circle (formerly called Debrief Groups). Story Circles are small groups in which you can engage with the content and experience of the walks with others. Study Abroad, Faculty Ministry, Native Ministries, and Spiritual Formation will each be hosting online Story Circles open to anyone. We will also provide leadership guides to other groups.

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We offer the following discount codes as needed:

  • Walking with one or more pilgrims ($5 off): GROUP5
  • Half discount for financial hardship: 50OFF
  • Full discount for financial hardship: 100OFF


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